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Posted by: Rhonda Jones on 10/23/2017

Why Consider Christian Meditation

When many Christians hear the word meditation, a red flag goes off. They've heard that meditation is not Biblical, it's new age, or if you empty your mind, you open the door to all types of influences.  In this 1.5 hour presentation, I teach participants the true meaning of Christian meditation, it's benefits, and why it should be incorporated in each of our lives if we are to grow to be all God intended.  My presentation is includes a 60 minute talk (includes opening questionnaire), a 20-minute guided Christian meditation, and 10 minutes of Q and A. Here is a sample of one of my guided meditations, CLICK HERE.

In this topic I cover:

1. My testimony

2. Why most Christians are dissatisfied with their quiet time with God

3. 4 Reason Christians seek out meditation

4. What is Christian meditation?

5. How does it differ from other times of meditation?

6. What can we meditate on?

7. What about emptying the mind?

8. 4 types of Christian meditation and how to do them.

9. Scriptures that promote meditation

* Please Note: At this time, I am only available in the Sacramento and Northern California area.  I am not available for over-night retreats. 

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