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Posted by: Cynthia Davis on 09/01/2023

When Your Kids Go Whack

There is an epidemic sweeping this Country.  It's adult children abandoning their parents.    Studies show this is affecting 27% of all families.  Christian homes are not exempt!.   Parents who have done nearly everything right are shocked and emotionally bleeding from this silent wave of alienation.

My talk offers a short explanation of why this is happening and what we can do while waiting for sanity to return.  I offer tips and understanding for hurting parents from of my own personal experience.  This talk offers a lifeline out of the pit of despair and confusion.  The audience will come out of this with coping skills to find purpose, healing and joy as we wait for restoration.

You may have many more members of your group that are affected than you know, due to the fact that it is embarrassing to discuss with friends. While I can't fix the deepest problems in one weekend, I can take away the stigma, help everyone breathe a little easier and leave with a lighter heart.

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