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Posted by: Joy Bowser on 04/22/2017

What's in it for ME?

A long time statistic for most churches is 80% of the work is completed by 10% of the people. In teaching this is very noticeable. As we have become a busier and busier society, we find fewer people that are willing to give of their time and talents to teaching in church and Sunday School settings. In What's in it for me, I take the audience through what seems like a selfish approach to why they want to teach. And although it seems like a shallow introduction to a topic that has such high expectations- ultimately at the end of the day it is the question that we each ask when we view any role that we are asked to step into.

Based on scripture- What is in it for me? looks at the time and Bible experience necessary for being a teacher and the ability for spiritual growth that will come about by being more thorough in our study. By teaching different topics and different curriculums we will find ourselves becoming more knowledgeable with scriptural terms and spiritual wisdom.

We look at relationship building. Getting to know people that we might not come in contact with by merely sitting behind or beside them in church.

This topic is great for teacher training, teacher recruitment, building Sunday schools. It is given from the knowledge of someone who has taught for 43 years, with no special schooling, no PHD, no special knowledge just a passion for sharing the good news of Christ. As people understand what's in it for me, they discover it is less about them, and more about HIM!

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