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Posted by: Taylor Arthur on 02/06/2024

We Go Together: A Friendship Talk

A great talk for grownups and teens alike, "We Go Together" focuses on building quality friendships while rooting ourselves first in the never-ending love of our best friend, Jesus.

In We Go Together, Taylor tells relatable stories of friendships lost and won. She focuses on how God (a perfect community) made us, first and foremost, to commune with Him and with each other (Genesis 1: 26). When we draw close to Jesus with all of our friendship needs, we can fill up on a love that never disappoints. Then, we can be the friend we wish we had because we already have the Best Friend.  

Drawing from Isaiah 43:1, Ephesians 3:17-20, and the Book of Ruth, the We Go Together Talk will encourage your community to lean into Jesus, fill up on His love, and choose loyalty and steadfastness in their friendships. 

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