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Posted by: Muriel Gladney on 03/16/2022

Value Doesn't Always Look Spiffy

If you’ve ever gone garage selling, sometimes a valuable item is so dirty it looks #worthless. But, the expert can see beyond the dirt.  God is the #expert. HE knows our real value beneath the emotional grime from the world. After all, we are made in God’s image. We live and breathe because of His DNA in us, i.e. the breath of Life. This includes women, Genesis 1: 27.  Despite his efforts, Satan cannot change that fact.  Ladies, do you know your true identity?  As a former atheist, who knew nothing about God or His Word when He woke me up to His existence, His attempt to clean me up almost made me run.  God kept His promise. He held onto me.  My second book, Purposely Unchained, highlights the unchanged manner in which God trains up His women to become His assigned and purposed warriors, John 15: 2.   Do not fear the process.  The fire and heat of Transformation simply brings the pure gold—of you—to the surface, John 15:2. 

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