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Posted by: Jill Richardson on 01/08/2016

Those Meddling Kids: Understanding, Teaching, and Learning from the Millennial Generation

Millennials are making an exodus from the church, so what is behind their seeming disinterest in God? If we're passionate about understanding the next generation, we have to know what they're thinking, valuing, and dreaming. What makes them different and why? Where do we find common ground? Jill outlines five values where Millennials and Baby Boomers are tugging at opposite ends of there rope and practical ways we can meet in the middle. She explains how we can work together and respect one another's ways of looking at things to make a stronger, healthier community of faith.

This talk is suitable for church leadership, ministry groups, or simply adults who wish to better understand their children and grandchildren. 

Jill brings her experience as a discipleship pastor, high school teacher, leader of college/career discipleship groups, and researcher into next generation issues for her upcoming book to this informative talk.

Jill is available to make this presentation/conversation online.

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