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Posted by: Dana Roberson on 07/19/2017

They Thought I'll be Dead by Now

This message is from Acts 28:1-6 to encourage those that have been faced with various trials. Many have been going through some deep dark trials, some are in the fire right now, and the truth is,
it’s not just normal everyday trials. Some have been experiencing crazy trials, things that don’t
make sense, you’ve been hit in ways you never expected. Some are at the point in your life
where it seems that people are now trying to hold your past against you. And it seems as if you’ve been hit harder than ever before. But this message is to encourage you that just as Paul was able to shake off the poisonous snake, you are about to shake off everything that means you no good! You are about to shake off every leech, every parasite, and everything that has tried to connect itself to you to try and cause harm to you.


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