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Posted by: Rebekah Anne Perkins on 02/01/2022

The Truth about Temptation

This teaching is based on the story we find in Matthew 4 / Mark 1:12 / Luke 4:1 of Jesus being led into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan.

What a remarkable account! Jesus himself, tempted! God, allowing him to be! Why does this happen and does it happen in our own lives? When we look at this account closely it reveals to us:
- The weapon given to us to overcome temptation
- Why we sometimes can't overcome temptation (did you know we can lead ourselves into temptation?)
- How the great accuser/tempter (Satan) works
- The spiritual reality of "Angles ministering to us"

This magnificent story lifts our eyes from our tendencies toward shame and self-condemnation to the ultimate reality in which we live and the love which must be the foundation of our faith. 

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