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Posted by: Patti Davis on 02/12/2024

The Songs of Our Life

We all sing songs in different seasons of our lives. The child's song of self-perception, the young adult sings of honesty, and the women's song is that of authority. There are three tempos within our life songs: the lively and fast tempo of salvation, the steady walking pace as we work our way to wholeness and healing, and the slow steady beat of maturity.

(1.) Once I turned my life over to God I instantly began to rejoice in His salvation. I was glad to turn my life over to God because it was a mess. I had been playing "god" and I was terrible at it.

~ Pride undermines our faith, and it cuts us off from God. I now have a song of honor rising in my spirit.

~ Worry is a form of distrust, and it can twist itself around your heart to the point that you can't rest. I now have a song of relief rising from my spirit because I can cast my worries at His feet.

~ Resentment was suppressing my life to the point that it was festering, acting like an emotional cancer. Once I offered forgiveness to those who hurt me, I was free to sing the song of the merciful.

~ Loneliness left me downcast and isolated. God showed me my loneliness was a choice, now I sing a song about His companionship.

~ Selfishness is all about me. I needed to be delivered from myself. I now sing a song about His selfless love for me.

(2.) When I turned my life over to God, the Holy Spirit came to live in me and take me step-by-step to wholeness and healing.

Question: Is your song about a woman who waits on God to bring her out at some point, or are you whaling, whining, and murmuring?

God will test the sincerity of your song. He'll check to see if you're really singing it or just lip-sinking.

(3.) We sing songs according to our maturity.

~ The child is assured again and again that her heavenly Father loves her and will faithfully care for her and guide her.

~ The young adult sings a song of honesty. She owns her part and takes responsibility for herself. This type of honesty keeps her connected to God.

~ The woman's song brings down strongholds and leads people to salvation in Christ.

I want my life song to cause others to follow me to heaven. I want to do what Jesus did, he asked people to follow him. He didn't say. "Become a Christian," he said, "follow me, watch my life for a while." 

How do people walk away from you after hearing your life song? Are they relieved because they can step away from the ugly tones coming from your spirit, or do they walk away from you humming a catchy little tune?

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