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Posted by: Natalie Hanson on 02/01/2022

The Power and Purpose in Generosity

The power and purpose in generosity is sometimes a mystery, which is why we must open our eyes to God's truths so that we can see with new perspective. In the midst of the roles we play and the dreams we dream, is daily life—filled with countless moments to witness God’s presence, accept His assignments, and be generous with our gifts and talents.

  • Learn how the uniquely designed roles you play are a part of a larger purpose—to be generous with your gifts in ways that build up God’s kingdom and glorify Him.
  • Discover the source and motivation of your generosity and learn how to unleash its power.
  • Learn how to recognize divine appointments and harness the courage to act.
  • Begin to act in alignment with your potential and influence and experience the fullness of God.

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