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Posted by: Debbie Ormonde on 09/28/2017

The Perfect Storm

Is the storm raging in your life? Have you felt like you're drowning? Do you seem like you just get your head above water and your hit with another wave? Storms came in the life of Jesus as well. He and the disciples found themselves in the middle of a ferocious squall out on the lake. 

Storms will come!  There are many who do not seem to understand this.  Even the disciples seem to be shocked that they were in this position.  After all. wasn't Jesus with them?  Wouldn't God protect His Messiah, and therefore protect his followers?  How then could this happen? I sometimes meet people who have the same feeling of shock when some storm comes into their lives.  Didn't I do all the right things?  Isn't God supposed to watch out for his own?  Doesn't he protect those he loves?  How can this be happening to me?  I am sure those are the questions which were marching through the heads of the disciples.  

Mark 4:35-41

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