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Posted by: Marnie Swedberg on 08/02/2019

The Five Levels of Personal Power

Even a baby has power, but God created you to be eternally powerful for His glory. Discover how to think about your options, and how they'll affect your eternity, as you journey through each day, season of life, and relationship. 


I Corinthians 13 describes "Agape" love. Ie - the love we can experience and share ONLY as God flows it to and through us. We'd rewrite it, "God's Agape love (through me) never fails." The content outline is below, with stories, analogies and word pictures to bring each concept home.


Level 1:  Me
I exist, therefore I have power. 

Level 2: Me + Ideas
Even just thinking a new thought gives me extra power.

Level 3: Me + Ideas + Action
Taking action changes everything and makes me even more powerful.

Level 4: Me + Ideas + Actions + Passion
At this level of energy, I begin attracting what I need to me. The world can "hear" my vibrations and begins sending me the resources I need to accomplish my vision.

Level 5: God + Me + Action + Passion
At this level, everything I do has eternal value and reaps eternal rewards. 


Marnie Swedberg is a leadership mentor to over 15,000 leaders from 35 countries, author of 13 books, founder/director WomenSpeakers.com, and host of a #1 ranked Internet Talk Show. Learn more at www.Marnie.com


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