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Posted by: Marnie Swedberg on 05/17/2023

Spiritual Growth

Based on her evangelistic, 2023, new-release book, Spiritual Growth: Find the Courage and Clarity to Live Authentic and Free, this program helps women discover how to share a saving faith in Jesus Christ with friends and family who have ruled Him out (for whatever reason). Marnie's safe, non-judgmental, non-religious approach to sharing your faith is a breath of fresh air in otherwise stifled conversations.

Since every religion thinks it's the best or only one, we can find ourselves at a stand-still with close family and friends who believe they know everything about us and our spiritual perspectives. 

This program helps women experience “aha” breakthroughs as they discover:

  • How to share their faith in a way that reopens conversations that have been shut down.
  • A spiritual lens for true authenticity in the areas of time, money and love.
  • How to help someone compare religions without making them feel compelled, repulsed, confused, or pressured.
  • How to talk about the spiritual components of habits, addictions, and bodily functions.
  • Why identifying your religious ideals, hopes, hangups, and non-negotiables is crucial and how go about it.
  • The difference between happiness and spiritual joy; dissociation vs. soul peace; religion vs. relationship; power vs. perversion; and freedom vs. coercion.
  • How to understand yourself and your spiritual options at a whole new level.

The 180-page Spiritual Growth book is a resource that should be in the hands of every believer and available to gift to any unbeliever. Contact Marnie for buik rates on books that can be given or sold to your audience for personal growth and/or to share as gifts with unbelieving family and friends. 

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