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Posted by: Carol Fawcett-Smith on 04/24/2017

Soul Care: God's Best for You!

Let's be honest--we have to take good care of ourselves! So many women fail to set healthy boundaries, guard their hearts, renew their minds and take care of their emotional/mental/physical health and spiritual well being. With good intentions we serve and help others but it is vital we prioritize, plan, purge with purpose to nourish our own souls. It is God's will to continually refresh and renew us and we have a responsibility to practice Biblical principles for living.  If you are a giver, a nurturer and feel stressed, overwhelmed or burned out this life coaching workshop is for you! 

Carol will share her personal experiences and lessons learned after years of saying yes to really good things with best intentions for everyone but not always for her own well being. Life has its way of throwing curveballs when we strive to do more for others than ourselves. 

*Utilizing CREATION Health; NewStart, SelfCare Awareness and Wellness Inventory coaching strategies.

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