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Posted by: Jenny Foster on 11/09/2021

Self Care is not a Luxury

Do you ever feel guilty if you get a pedicure? Have you ever jumped up while reading a book because a family member came home? Do you feel the need to be "productive" even if you take a vacation day? 

Let's come together as busy women to discuss the pitfalls and benefits of not only taking time but making time for self care. 

I. What is "self care?" 

II. Is self care biblical?

III. How can I make time for regular self care? "I have kids!"

IV. Can self care really make me more productive and less stressed?

V. How can I afford self care financially?

VII. Group reflection: 

What are some common things the enemy says to you about this topic? What do you hear the voice of God saying to you about this topic?

VIII. Group brainstorming on creative self care ideas

IX. Group sharing & pulling it all together

X. Prayer & reflection

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