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Posted by: Laurie Kiel on 11/03/2021

Searching for Significance: A Trio of Monologues

Do you long to be significant? In this trio of monologues about Leah, Miriam, and the mother of the little boy who gave Jesus his lunch, you will discover that your search for significance ends in Jesus.


We all long to be significant, to matter.  Leah spent her life trying to earn her husband Jacob’s love.  Miriam, sister of Moses, struggled with the leprosy of jealousy. The mother of the little boy who gave Jesus his lunch thought she had nothing to offer Jesus.

Laurie shares these monologues to create a message that will resonate with any women who sometime struggle with feelings of insignificance.

In this monologue, we hear God telling Miriam that she is not called to be Moses, but she is called. You'll be encouraged to see how special and called you are by God.

Laurie Kiel

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