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Posted by: Muriel Gladney on 02/05/2018

Satan is not a character in a comedy show

God said from the beginning that the devil had a goal, which was to destroy the children of God one way or another. As a non-believer, vicious attacks and dreams kept me terrified. Lack of knowledge of God or His Word left me clueless as to the source.  However, Satan made his purpose clear twelve hours after my spiritual rebirth. But God had me surrounded by helpers. Throughout the years since, it is abundantly clear that Satan has not altered his course. However, my message to women is that Jesus said He has overcome the world. Thus, as a child of God, my book 2 shares God's unique failsafe steps in how to overcome ungodly strongholds in our lives while becoming a woman of great faith. They work. Two years ago, an illness tried to take me away. My faith in God, and to His will for my life, is why I am still here today. 

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