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Posted by: Joan E. Murray on 09/06/2022

Rise from The Ashes

Overwhelmed? Buried under ashes? Ready to rise to your God-given destiny? Join Joan to discover how to perservere until the breakthrough, and overcome challenges with God. 


Challenges and obstacles are guaranteed along the way to the fulfillment of your God-given dreams. When you face these challenges, you must make the decision to persevere. Perseverance will be the key that unlocks the door and gives you entry to your destiny. You must rise from the ashes to fulfill the great destiny God has for you. You are equipped to overcome every challenge and to be victorious over every storm! 

Based on Joan's book, Called And Chosen For Destiny: Knowing & Fulfilling Your Destiny In God. The book is available through the resources section here or at https://www.amazon.com/Called-Chosen-Destiny-Knowing-Fulfilling/dp/B0915H2Y2W/ref=sr_1_12?crid=JBZJHGAW99Q4&keywords=joan+e+murray+books&qid=1662604983&sprefix=Joan+E+Murray,aps,110&sr=8-12

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