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Posted by: Sue Donaldson on 07/18/2017

Retreat Series: The Welcoming Heart of God: Invitations From the Ultimate Host

The Welcoming Heart of God –- Invitations from the Ultimate Host

Talk 1: Invitation to Intimacy – Come to the waters… Isaiah 55:1

Jesus is our invitation to God – handwritten with nail-pierced hands. The more we understand who Jesus is, the more we come to understand God’s welcome heart.

Talk 2: Invitation to Rest – Come to Me… Matthew 11: 28

We are invited through Scripture to come to Jesus, not only to receive His strength, protection and forgiveness, but to know Him simply for Himself. As we yield ourselves to our Father, we are gifted wit the grace needed to minister to others.

Talk 3: Invitation to Know Him by Name – Come and see…John 1:46

God has shown us Himself, in part, through His names. The more we know God by name, the deeper our prayer life can become and the stronger our faith will be.

Talk 4: Invitation to Serve – Come and eat…John 21:12

God wants to use our hospitality as a vehicle for Him to change lives. We’re to be His welcome to the world.

All retreat series include talk outlines, small group discussion questions, bible references, and a quiet time meditation guide

Sue Donaldson, founder WelcomeHeart, https://www.welcomeheart.com 

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