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Posted by: Hannah Thuku Kolehmainen on 06/09/2022

Quit Wandering

Are you stuck?

Are you wandering from one thing to another?

Are you wondering what you were put on here on earth for?

Welcome to Quit Wandering - 15 Strategies to Find and Fulfill Your God-Given Mission, based on master strategist, Prophet Nehemiah of the Old Testament.

This book is perfect for pastors, lay leaders, those involved in ministry needing to hone their mission, everyday working folks (paid and unpaid,) and those of any age who have no idea what they're supposed to be doing. Here's just a couple of reviews (including our own Marnie Swedberg):


"Quit Wandering is my favorite kind of resource to read and recommend! It is crammed full of ‘aha’ insights, interactive questions, lists, and practical strategies that are based 100% on biblical principles. I love this book!"   

Marnie Swedberg, International Leadership Mentor


“I highly recommend every pastor to get this book in their hands - and into the hands of their people. Quit Wandering is desperately needed in the church today. Hannah artfully applies strategic Nehemiah principles to propel God's people to live and work out God's Kingdom plan for God's Kingdom people.”

Jeff McInnis, Pastor/Elder

Springhill Community Church, Oregon

Vine Medical Board Member


Quit Wandering is provocative and gripping. The Spirit of Nehemiah literally comes alive and unleashes the leader in all of us! Hannah, with her crisp appeal to interpreting the Word of God for practical living, transports us to instantly see ourselves in the words of Scripture. The 15 strategies are detailed perfectly and simply so you grab a hold of them and get right into action! This book has provided a personal encouragement to me, to further the Kingdom of God in the way that He has designed me!”

Martye Haugstad, Discipleship Director

 Sonrise Church, Oregon.


PRE-PURCHASE YOUR COPY TODAY AT furtherthefaith.com/shop. Free shipping within the United States. Perfect for your next personal or group Bible Study.


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