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Posted by: Saleama A. Ruvalcaba on 07/17/2021

Physical Intimacy: Or Lack Thereof...

Marriages are suffering today! Many Christian marriages are suffering today! Do we even know why? There are many reasons marriages suffer, but one reason could be lack of physical intimacy between a husband and wife. Physical intimacy is a sacred act of worship to God and a major component to a healthy godly marriage. 

Saleama spent years controlling this area in her marriage, and yet wondered why there was always tension between her and her husband. They went to church, Bible study, served in the community  - yet their marriage was mediocre at best. When Saleama finally understood God's view on physical intimacy she made the change - and her marriage dramatically changed!

Saleama is an encourager! She shares with women how to overcome control in the area of physical intimacy and enjoy it the way God designed. 

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