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Posted by: Diana Davis on 07/10/2022

Patience A Key Component Of Peace

James 1:3 Knowing the testing of your faith produces patience

The testing of our faith produces different kinds of spiritual fruit in our lives, but if we are truthful none of us want to go through trials and tests. I've often wondered why is it easier for us to accept and prepare for a test when we are studying a course, but we reject and run from spiritual test which prepares us for spiritual growth, challenges and victories. There may be different reasons but the most common one is the lack of understanding the adversary devices during ours trials, and not knowing who we are in Christ and not having confidence that Jesus is with us always.  We see in James Chapter 1 the testing of your faith is what produces patience, and in the middle of the fruit of patience lies the seed component of peace, which keeps us steadfast, unmovable and abounding in the work of the Lord. Remaining in Peace totally confuses the enemy of our soul.

Elder Diana Davis

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