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Posted by: Andrea Mercier on 03/20/2019

Parenting Is Hard: How to Reap Eternal Rewards

Explore the different choices and outcomes experienced by an everyday mom compared to a priest. Discover how to make the hard choices to reap the rewards of godly parenting.  


In this talk, we compare and contrast Hannah's parenting with Eli's parenting in 1 Sam 1-3.  Hannah had to make some hard choices in her parenting, but she was blessed for her obedience.  Eli made some bad choices in his parenting and his family reaped the consequences of that.  In this lesson, I encourage women to do the hard thing like Hannah did. Because there is blessing for us as parents and our children as we choose obedience to the Lord.  To watch this message please go to https://www.facebook.com/BethelMom2Mom/videos/559601431184059/

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