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Posted by: Connie Ruth Christiansen on 01/04/2020

My 2020 To Do List

At the start of each new year I don't make resolutions - but I do make a "to do" list......sometimes parts of that list roll over from year to year, but I take it quite seriously. And those lists have pushed me forward to reach some small, and some difficult goals.

The lists have served me well to motivate or at least to pacify.....but this year, either from exhaustion or hope deferred or a new sense of not-belonging or belonging (I'm not sure which), I think maybe I am learning something new about rest.....

When I went to make my list last night, this happened:

My 2020 To Do List:

It’s a new year, here I go….towards what I don’t know;

Life is strange that way, but generally I at least know what to say,
what to plan, something to do,
but this time I don’t have a clue.

Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe not; but whatever it is, I truly don’t have a thought,
about what might lie ahead
so instead

I’m gonna take one day at time and climb
whatever mountain shows up
as I turn this next corner

Maybe there won’t be a mountain this time
Maybe there will be a slide, or I will fly
to wherever the next stop along the way is

I hope it’s a flying time
But I’ll take what I get and do my best
to rest
in it, whatever it is

January 2, 2020

PS - Lists are not bad. lists are good! but there is a time for everything - a time for lists and a time for refraining from lists- and to rest.

Perhaps this resting time will bring forth nothing but peace that passes understanding.
Or perhaps it will bring forth an idea straight from Heaven, and I will need to make a list (smile) of how to translate that idea to earth.

2021 will tell the (His)story of it.


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