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Posted by: Karen Duffy on 10/09/2021

LIVING! - In the Light of Eternity

What would our lives look like if we took seriously our place in the Kingdom of God? Would our daily schedules, time spent on hobbies, work commitments look differently?  Would we be as stressed, tired, and irritable as we sometimes are, or always are?

Karen will share how our lives can and should look if we seek first the Kingdom of God.  How different our priorities would be if we kept the ‘Kingdom is at hand’ to heart! How our families and children would be positively impacted! How we would not hesitate to shine our light to all men! How deeper and more connected to Jesus we would be when we lay up our treasures in heaven!  Living…in the light of Eternity! It is to this we have been called!!!


Core Scriptures:

Matt. 13:44

Matt. 6:33

Matt. 5:16

Psalm 27:4


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