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Posted by: Beth Kinder on 08/30/2017

Living From the Father's Love

Heidi Baker says she can tell when the children she has adopted embrace their new family. It's when they stop asking permission for what is already theirs. As believers in Christ, we have been adopted into a family through the saving grace of Jesus Christ, but many of us continue to live like orphans. We strive to earn God's love by working hard to stay connected to Him. We struggle with rejection, insecurity, jealousy, and fear. We simply have no idea how to own who God says we are. We've been adopted by the greatest Father, and He has a future planned out for us filled with hope and good things. It's time we begin living from the Father's love instead of for His love.  

Beth shares her personal testimony discovering her father wasn't her biological father, and the rejection she overcame when he refused to adopt her. She shares how God broke off unworthiness and shame through the love of a heavenly Father to bring her a royal identity that man cannot taint. 

In this talk you will: 

  1. Recognize the orphan mindset. 

  2. Identify and reject the lies that say you're not enough.

  3. Walk out of this event free and equipped to stay free. 

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