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Posted by: Rhonda Stoppe on 09/08/2017

Live Your Purpose - You Won't Regret it!

"What if I told you God has a plan for your life––yes YOUR life?" asks Rhonda Stoppe. "What if you could know that plan and learn to walk in it? That is what your ladies will discover spending one hour, or a weekend retreat, with Rhonda as she unpacks this message of Purpose without regret.

Philippians Chapter 4  transformed Rhonda as a young wife and mom (so much so she has memorized the entire chapter).  As older mentors took Rhonda through a study of Philippians, God's Spirit grabbed her heart and has never let go. And Rhonda is confident the Word of God will do the same in the life of anyone who is wiling to role up their sleeves and discover God's purpose for their life!*

The first step is to help women break free from regrets that hold them back. Stoppe says: 

"It's time to get victory over that voice in your head that says,

 'God uses other people - not you.' 

It's time to break free from apathy to live the life your were meant to live!

You only get one shot at this life. 

Don't waste it & you'll have no regrets!

*Watch Promo Video with Rhonda Stoppe (3:41)

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