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Posted by: Marnie Swedberg on 01/31/2016

Life & Time Management

B.U.S.Y? Learn the Best Unique Strategies for You! Enjoy the beautiful, balanced, abundant life God offers. Learn why your life often feels imbalanced, how to analyze and reset it immediately for long-term stability, and how to prepare your mind and environment for future, on-the-fly, course adjustments.


Tap into simple, doable, Biblical applications to recharge your relationship with God and others in the minutes you have.

  • Align your priorities with God's
  • Simplify your life
  • Say "Yes" to Success every Time
  • Unlock creative solutions


Marnie Swedberg is a leadership mentor to over 15,000 leaders from 35 countries, author of 13 books, founder/director WomenSpeakers.com, and host of a #1 ranked Internet Talk Show. Learn more at www.Marnie.com

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