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Posted by: Donna Amidon on 03/05/2022

Jesus Sees Your Story

Know who you are, whose you are, and your immeasurable value through a transforming and joy-filled message on identity - Jesus Sees Your Story. 


In a world that longs to be seen on the global platform of social media, Donna Amidon reminds us that Jesus sees our storyloves us regardless of our situation, and seeks us out!! 

In Jesus Sees Your Story, Donna Amidon teaches from John 4 and the woman at the well, showing us that our identity is rooted in our relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Through this message, you'll:

  • Know your immeasurable value to Christ 

  • Identify the limiting labels and lies we believe

  • Silence the inner critic within us 

  • Break free from people-pleasing and embrace who God has called you to be

Know who you are, whose you are, and your immeasurable value through this transforming message on identity

This teaching can also include small group discussion questions, which is a perfect option to cultivate community within your event or ministry!

"Jesus Sees Your Story" is perfect for Keynotes, Workshops, and Weekend Retreats (middle school through Adult.)


Donna Amidon


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