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Posted by: Nicole Carter on 01/13/2024

J.O.Y. in Trauma

Imagine learning how to identify and handle the barriers that have kept you in a place of unforgiveness, hurt, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, etc.  This interactive (virtual or in person) presentation addresses the most prevalent traumatic situations that people face in life.

Participants will receive action steps that can be used immediately to address most traumatic situations.  We will review 5 of the most traumatic situations from a non-threatening perspective by reviewing fictitious movie characters. The facilitator will share her real testimony of personal situations and how the J.O.Y. model was/is used in all situations.  The course will conclude with each attendee digging deep into their issue (confidentially) in an effort to remove the barriers that caused negative symptoms or responses to life's challenges.

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