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Posted by: Lisa Betz on 02/06/2024

Identity, Purpose & Contentment: From Mundane to Masterpiece

It’s easy to feel insignificant when you don’t have a spotlight ministry role or flashy career. Discontentment sets in as you question your purpose. Lisa affirms your identity and helps you recognize you're doing valuable work, even when no one notices. 

Do you feel stuck doing mundane tasks while others shine? Or perhaps you're in a new season of life where you no longer feel significant. Lisa teaches you how to shift your mindset so you can see yourself as significant, successful and appreciated by God, even if you don’t get the applause of others. 

Find contentment, purpose, and significance as you work wholeheartedly in whatever sphere of influence God has given you for this season of life.

Lisa E. Betz is an engineer-turned-mystery-writer, entertaining speaker, speaking coach, and recovering people-pleaser. Come be inspired to be your best self and live with authenticity and purpose. Visit https://lisaebetz.com/

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