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Posted by: Lynne Leite - CurlyGirl4God on 10/29/2015

How To Be A Princess

Do you ever feel like the mad hatter, juggling hats to keep up appearances? You are not alone. Many of us struggle with putting too much value in keeping up appearances. But that isn't what God wants for us - He has better plan! Join us as Lynne shares her own personal struggle and story of going from being the mad hatter to a princess.

This is my testimony of God’s love and faithfulness in my own life. It is a fun, yet deeply personal, talk that uses props. It is relatable to women of all ages. It is the talk I share at Stonecroft women's luncheons and gives a full presentation of the gospel which makes it ideal for evangelical outreach luncheons. It is often used with a hat theme and women who attend wear hats and event coordinators might include a hat contest with various categories - most unusual, prettiest, etc. This talk is approximately 25 minutes long.

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