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Posted by: Paula Harris on 07/27/2017

His Holy Spirit In You (The power of the Holy Spirit in your life.)

This conference is a must for each believer, as we will never come to Christ or fulfill His call on our lives without the power of the Holy Spirit operating in us. Below are some of the questions we will answer to help you discern and live in obedience to God through His Holy Spirit.

 Who is the Holy Spirit and why do you need Him in your life? What does it mean to blaspheme, grieve, quench or be filled with Him? What does it mean to receive power, love and a sound mind from Him? How does He guide, direct, and empower you. Do you know your spiritual gifts and what fruit He produces in your life? What needs to change so the power of the Holy Spirit is flowing in you? What does the Holy Spirit have to do with having joy and peace

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