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Posted by: Shari Johnson on 10/29/2015

Hand Designed Personalities

"God created us in divine uniqueness! But sometimes the very thing that makes us special, is the very thing that makes others in the congregation of the Lord want to pinch our heads off. Excessive good humor can be a balm to some, or an excruciating irritant to others, and at stake is the harmony of the believers. Despite our best efforts to work together toward the common goal of seeing souls saved and lives changed, church personalities sometimes get in the way. My personality workshop is designed to help believers first better understand themselves, followed by helping them understand why *Mangoes have to make a mess, and Limes have to Sort it, as well as, why Limes have to keep the rules and Mangoes have to break them!Rich in humor and life applying wisdom, this adaptable workshop can be used as a ministry tool for restoring church harmony, encouraging team building and lifting the morale of church staff and volunteers.Each attendee receives a personality profile wit"

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