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Posted by: Dana Che Williams on 02/13/2024

From Strife to Synergy: How Conflict Can Strengthen Connection

Conflict: no one wants it to show up in their relationship but the truth is, conflict in relationships is normal. Every relationship has conflict from time to time. If you don’t have conflict, someone’s not being honest. Conflict is not bad, sinful, or wrong. It’s normal and valuable. The strength of a relationship isn’t an absence of conflict but how quickly people resolve the conflict. 

As a marriage coach, I often talk with couples about what’s causing the disconnection between them. Most think their number one problem is communication. But actually, they don’t have a communication problem; they have a connection problem. From Strife to Synergy will help audience members see conflict as their teacher and learn how to use conflict to create deeper, more meaningful, connected relationships. 

This talk is great for teams, family relationships, friendships, and marriage.

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