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Posted by: Denise Pass on 07/28/2018

Finding Your Identity in the I AM: 4 Talks

"I Yam what I Yam" someone famous once said. And what a profound statement it

was. Who are you, exactly? Are you a composite of all you’ve Experienced in this life? Are

you defined by what you do? Do you ever wonder about your identity?

Maybe you’ve been disillusioned by life‘s hardships or worse, jaded. Maybe you trust in God

and you have the identity of a Christian. But somehow your hope is failing or you feel you

are missing the full, abundant life that Christ has for you.

Discover who we are by encountering the great I AM, our eternal God, through four of the I

AM sayings of Jesus Christ. When He said “I AM the Good Shepherd” He gave us hope in His

character and told us we belong. When Christ said, “I AM the Light of the World”, He

exposed our darkness so we could be free to walk in the light. When Christ said, “ I AM The

Resurrection and the Life”, He restored our worth and identity through His mighty

salvation. And When Christ said, “I AM the Bread of Life”, He revealed Himself as all we

would ever need. He satisfied our souls completely. Are you hungry and thirsty today? Do

you feel you never measure up? Christ is our sufficiency, friends. Who we are could never

be summed up in two words, but by giving Himself the name I AM, our God was

communicating much more to us than just His Name. He is all we will ever need.

Come find your true identity. Come find true living hope that never disappoints. Come have

an encounter with the I AM and be changed in His presence. Four presentations with a


#1 - Reinventing our Hope and Identity through God’s Goodness (I AM the Good Shepherd)

Is God good when life hurts? What can we learn about our hope and identity through the character of God, our good Shepherd?

#2 - Redefining Our Identity through Christ’s Righteousness (I AM the Light of the World)

Christ is our Righteousness. Our identity is found in His holiness.

#3 - Restoring our Worth and Identity through Christ’s Resurrection (I AM the Resurrection and the Life)

We will never have our worth greater than when Christ defined it by dying for each one of us. Denise guides us how to let go of the fake identity this world gave us and to pick up the new one Christ gave that never fails.

#4 - Relishing and Being Satisfied with Who We are in Christ (I AM the Bread of Life)

Christ is our sufficiency. Our identity will fail when we look to things of this world for satisfaction. God knows our needs and fills us to overflowing when we know where to go for abundant life.

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