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Posted by: Lisa Cassman on 08/29/2017

Finding the Beautiful You


  • Ages: teens, young adults, mature women

  • Roles: Singles, Married, and Divorced

(Can be catered to a targeted audience)

POSSIBLE FORMATS: Workshops, seminars, conferences, women’s groups, bible studies, and even motivational and keynote speaking 


  • Tools to learn how to combat a lack of self-confidence

  • Keys to have better relationships and a better marriage

  • Feeling great about yourself and liking yourself

  • Encouragement in God


New You – New Life: 7 Steps to Boosting Self Confidence

Did you know that only 2% of women globally think they are beautiful? It’s no wonder that many woman answer ‘yes’ to these questions:

  • Are you sick and tired of feeling like a failure?

  • Do you feel trapped with no self- confidence and can’t seem to find a way to like yourself?

  • Has someone or something hurt you and you aren’t sure how to deal with it? 

A lack of confidence and low self-esteem are a big problem for woman. Unfortunately, they lie at the root of a host of other problems as well. It affects your decision-making, relationships and job opportunities. Undervaluing yourself can lead to a self-fulfilling spiral of declining opportunities out of lack of confidence. It’s time for a breakthrough !

What of you could learn to trust again , feel loved and see value in yourself?

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