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Posted by: Becka Brady on 01/25/2022

Finding Purpose in Solitude - The Art of Stillness

Your next ladies’ event, conference, or small group will benefit greatly as Becka leads you into Finding Purpose in Solitude - The Art of Stillness.  Solitude is essential in finding YOU. No phone, no distractions - just "you time". Learning to listen to your thoughts and your insight. Silence is a powerful place of action. A place where God speaks gently to your soul. 

What is the purpose of solitude?

Becka will guide your event by teaching how solitude provides a place of discovering your identity without any outside distractions. Solitude also provides time for contemplation, growth in personal spirituality, and self-examination.

Becka will show you how the goal of Solitude is to stay still long enough to focus and discover.  Contemplative Prayer is a valuable tool to lead you into focus because you take time to listen to God, not just talk to God. This also leads you into personal spiritual growth as you take time to discover places that can only be found in stillness. 

You will be encouraged as Becka shares with your ladies group the truth in God’s word surrounding solitude and stillness. 

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