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Posted by: Rene Christensen on 05/02/2023

Finding Our Value in Who We are in Christ

Where should we find our identity? Our job, our kids, social media, or who we are in Christ? 

We can replace lies the world tells us about our worth with truth from His Word. Our value is in Him. We are treasured, beloved, holy, blameless and so much more. 

The last chapter in one of her books that came out in 2023, Training Them Wisely, is a compilation of who we are and can be in Christ. Rene read through the Bible multiple times writing down everything she learned about who we are, and it completely changed her life. As women, we need to know how valued and treasured we are. We need to realize our worth is in Him, not in our looks, family, house, position or wealth. We can stand firm without fear or anxiety when we know the God we serve and who we are in Him. 

Rene Christensen, founder Training Them Wisely, speaker, podcaster, author, https://www.trainingthemwisely.com

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