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Posted by: Misty Fitch on 12/28/2023

Faith Topics

Messages around having Faith:

Faith and Fear - Can you have fear and faith and the same time? You may have heard messages that it's impossible for these to coexist, but this message will bring in scripture to prove they can and do. The focus will be a difference of having fear vs. living in fear.

Faith in Action - What does it mean when scripture says "Faith without works is dead?" 

Faith in God's Promises - God never breaks a promise. What promises has he given you that you're holding close to you? How can you hear from God to even know what his promises are?

Faith in God's Word - Have you ever read the Bible and wondered what you just read or what it even means? Is it difficult to read the Bible? This is an interactive message where you will practice reading the Bible with purpose and meaning. My hope is for you to leave feeling confident you can read and understand scripture.

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