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Posted by: Stacey Wynn, MDIV, PCC on 05/03/2021

Faith Deconstruction

Deconstruction is synonymous with the discipleship process known as spiritual formation. Christians mature in faith through disciplines including prayer, personal study, and formal teaching within church and ministry contexts.

Sometimes teachings and experiences can be unhealthy and even abusive. During deconstruction, Christians faithfully examine  how   our   relationship  with   God   has  been   influenced   by  traditions, theology, church leadership, and other factors.

Speaker, author, coach, corporate leader, and mom, Stacey Wynn ministers within the tension of deconstruction, especially to women of faith who have left destructive marriages. Stacey’s passion is equipping others to find freedom in Christ, to confidently identify erroneous teaching and harmful theology, and to gain clarity of purpose.

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