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Posted by: Linda Goldfarb on 01/09/2016

Embracing Self-Care When Chaos Strikes

As women, we tend to do more for others while neglecting self-care. And here’s the truth, there are no magic wands capable of slowing down life or whimsical potions to make us appear perfect on the outside while we fall apart on the inside. Yet—in Christ, we find our hope, peace, and restful sleep. Linda shares practical ways every woman can feel so good—physically, spiritually, and relationally—that it shows! 

How we value ourselves shows in how we care for ourselves. How we care for ourselves is shown in how well we Live, Laugh, and Love.

  • To Live well, healthy boundaries must be in place for daily guidance, spiritual growth, and physical protection.
  • To Laugh well, learning to let go of negativity and the mirror syndrome of self-judgment is imperative.
  • To Love well, embracing our inner-girl as God designed her is transformational.

-Short study guides are provided for you to print for attendees. Table-Talk questions are also available to increase your group interaction quota.

-This talk can be customized to your timeline.

This topic is offered as a weekend retreat, a keynote, and a corporate program.

Linda Goldfarb, Embracing Self-Care,

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