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Posted by: Simone Ascoli on 06/11/2019

Divorce: The Transition, Shamed, Compassion, and Healing

Divorce is not a pretty thing. It is quite devastating to the person involved in it including children. It was never meant to happen in a persons life. It isn't something that God desires for us to go through. There are different phases of divorce that a believer experiences including the painful transition, anger, mourning the death of it, shame for lost years, and healing by restoration. I am compassionate to women and provide healing words to them allowing them to know that I understand what they are going through by sharing personal stories of my experiences and the judgement I received and the support that was given to me. Many Christians can become judgemental until they are in these shoes and the church needs to be genuinely loving and patient with such women.  

I provide women with healing hope on how they will be able to move forward with God in the future and assure them that God will restore what was stolen from them as long as they remain surrendered to him through all life situations. 

I touch on topics such as emotional lack and trying to fill the deficit on our own can become harmful, extending forgiveness to our ex-partner and receiving it for ourselves, moving forward without a comparison of harmful memories.