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Posted by: Dana Che Williams on 02/13/2024

Delayed But Not Done: Pursuing Destiny in Spite of Disappointments

God’s timing is perfect but His promises are full of delays. Drawing from the story of Lazarus's resurrection, this narrative and vivid explanation of a well-known Bible story will impact listeners as they reflect on their disappointments in life. Why does God seem so far away when we need him most? Why do our prayers seemingly go unanswered? Audience members will undoubtedly relate to the suffering of Mary, Martha, and Jesus as they grieve someone they deeply loved. 

All three handle delay in different ways, and all three experience the power of God in what seemed like an impossible situation. Audiences will walk away from this talk knowing that although God may seem delayed, He is not done, and they will have their hope renewed and their faith restored in our ever-faithful God.

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