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Posted by: Peggy Easterling on 11/17/2023

Building Authentic Christian Business in Today's Selfie World

Do I have to follow Amy Porterfield's posting schedule to get people to follow me to have a platform to speak from? Is there a way to feel authentic, stay true to my faith, and share on social media?

Are you searching for a captivating speaker with a powerful personal story and expertise in Christian entrepreneurship, mindset transformation, and faith-driven growth? Look no further than Peggy Easterling, whose inspiring connection, "Building Authentic Christian Business in Today's Selfie World," weaves her own remarkable story of learning to build a business that honors God while not building an altar to self. Plot twist, I didn't always get this right. 

In this engaging speech, Peggy will take your audience on a profound journey through her own life experiences, from overcoming the world's "blueprint to business" to discovering the power of authenticity, faith, and entrepreneurship that can come from authentically staying grounded in spiritual authority that only a relationship with Christ can bring. Drawing inspiration from passages like 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Romans 12:2, she'll share practical strategies for nurturing a faith-based mindset, achieving business success, and personal growth while staying true to Christian values.

Peggy's message resonates with those seeking to align their entrepreneurial spirit with their faith, guiding them toward a more purposeful, authentic, and successful life. Invite Peggy as your next event's keynote speaker, and let her engage your audience with a story that inspires and equips them for success in both life and business, anchored in the wisdom of Scripture.

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