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Posted by: Carol Fawcett-Smith on 03/07/2016

Build Your Best TEAM

There is only one way to serve God and that is as a team for best results. Consider the Godhead of Father, Son and Holy Spirit all working together in our creation, redemption and salvation. 

As your personal coach I will guide your team utilizing Biblical principles for serving together in  fun & dynamic ways. Successful teamwork requires each person to know and understand their unique contributions based upon their spiritual gifts, abilities, talents, strengths and roles so that everyone benefits.

WE function much better within the Biblical framework for team leadership. Just as the human body is made up of many different parts, and each part is unique in its function and design. Likewise, no part can say to the other, “I don’t need you.” Each is dependent on the other to function properly as a whole. It is vital to value each unique person and empower one another to do what God designed them to do. Each of us must discover what that looks like for ourselves so that the we can all can be a better us, while building and improving the team as a whole.

We will explore several examples of successes and failures in ministry. We will also place priority on values for accountability, commitment, shared responsibilities, spiritual fellowship, health of the body, trust and godly influence. 

We want to help your leadership team get powerful results for God's glory! When we deal with people we need tools for dealing with high maintenance people, conflicts, prevention of  burnout, and healthy balance.  We want to equip you to experience God's richest blessings as you fulfill His calling in ministry leadership…all coming  together for God's purposes. 

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