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Posted by: Cynthia Noble on 03/13/2020

"BORN FOR GLORY" Destiny Encounter

“Born for Glory” Destiny Encounter—Biblical and practical principles for identifying and fulfilling your God-given purpose and destiny.  Available sessions include:
  • New Wine:” A look at God’s new moves in every generation and how to be a vessel of the “new wine” revelation—expect the completely unexpected.
  • The Nine Culture Mountains:” An examination of the components which shape a culture, including discovering your mountain assignment to impact our culture for the Kingdom of God.
  • Our Books of Destiny:” God appoints each person’s work and Kingdom assignment. These assignments are specific, tailor-made plans and purposes from the Lord.
  • Motivational Gifts:” Based on Romans 12 (different from spiritual gifts listed in I Cor. 13.),  motivational gifts shape our personalities and perspectives in and about life. Motivational Gift Test is available.
  • Our Royal Authority:” Our identity and positioning in Christ is recognized in the church but generally not appropriated. Our identity does not shift depending on our behavior.
  • Money: A Kingdom Weapon:” Having money is not wrong. The question is: Do we have money or does money have us?
  • The Shelf Years:” What happens during “the Wait,” those years when it seems like nothing is happening?

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