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Posted by: Donna Amidon on 02/25/2021

Bible Boot Camp: Understanding the New Testament

When it comes to reading the Bible, we’ve all felt overwhelmed by where to start, what to read, and how to make the most of our time. In Bible Boot Camp, Donna Amidon shares practical helps and steps on how to make the most of your time in the Word.  It's inspiring, interactive, and FUN!! 


When it comes to reading the Bible, we’ve all felt overwhelmed by where to startwhat to read, and how to make the most of our time in God's Word. In Bible BOOT Camp, Donna combines her love for God's Word and seminary training to provide practical help and steps on studying the Bible.

Perfect for women's meetings, workshops, or weekend retreats, Bible Boot Camp is inspiring, interactive, and fun! 

We'll discover: 
  • Where to begin reading and how to go deeper
  • The big picture of the Bible and how that shapes our understanding  
  • How to let the Scripture speak to you
  • Common mistakes of Bible study
  • 3 questions we should ask every time we open the Bible

And the best part? Toward the end of our meeting, we’ll take one passage of Scripture and dig in TOGETHER, step-by-step! 

What others are saying:

"I used Donna's strategies to study the Bible, and surprisingly His Words came alive in my heart!"
 - Elena

"What an amazing evening! I love how the Word comes to life when we open our hearts and minds."
 - Lenell  

"It was an insightful evening of teaching about the New Testament and learning handy Bible Study methods...."

Whether your church or women's ministry has new or seasoned believers, Bible Boot Camp promises a fresh and renewed understanding of God's Word to us!!

Workshops, Ladies' Meetings, Weekend Retreat (both Old and New Testament)


Donna Amidon


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