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Posted by: Sarah Martin on 02/05/2020

Beyond the Fringes

 Discovering God’s MORE For Your Life


Putting ourselves in the shoes of ancient Israelite people, Sarah paints a picture from Mark 6:56. The people only went so far as the fringes of Jesus’ robe. There is more than the fringes where we are seen, known, loved in His presence. The bold question to ask ourselves: what is that line we draw in the sand to say we will only go so far with Him?


~Attendees will evaluate their past or present actions/believes keeping Jesus only at arm’s length ~Through His invitation of more and better beyond the fringes, each woman will be called to vibrant faith in God’s fullness and presence.
~3 tactics to go beyond the fringes: Be hidden, Let Him own your junk, Stay awhile.



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