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Posted by: Yvette Walker on 04/18/2022

Bad hair day: Is your hair wearing you?

In this talk, I explore how we wear hair, and how it wears us. Western cultural and societal mores have certain expectations of women and their looks -- dress, makeup and especially, hair. With recent styles becoming more accepted in communities, workplaces and church, how does our hairstyle represent us? Using history and culture we will learn that the fibers growing out of our scalp mean more than we think. My anthology "Hair Goddess" deals with some of these issues. The contributors to my book -- 14 women and one man -- explore the issues of hair, both natural and processed, curly and straight, as it relates to race, culture and the societal standards of today. "Hair Goddess" is filled with a variety of viewpoints: diverse, humorous and poignant.

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